Yesterday’s lecture was a discussion of Nuclear Power.  Since we are in the Energy Efficiency portion of our course, I detailed the process of Nuclear Fission and its advantages and disadvantages as a power source.  Obviously this information is very relevant to current events, so I decided to incorporate some information about the current concerns with Nuclear Power as a result of the Japanese earthquake.  I also showed some recent news clips about the nuclear power plants in Japan.  I chose one recent clip from Good Morning America and one from a local ABC station.

This was my first time attempting to project audio in my classroom, but the Academic Support team was helpful in supplying me with the correct cord, and everything worked out great.  It was really fun and exciting for me to incorporate a new type of media into my lecture.  I think it was especially relevant with the difficult situation in Japan.  Some of the students were very moved by the visuals of the people combing the contaminated areas with Geiger counters.

I may hold on to that audio cord for the rest of the semester and see when else I can use it during lecture.